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What is Demand?

TL;DR: Demand is a newsletter for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of marketing and growth at technology companies and becoming a better marketer. We aim to help you become a top 1% marketer.

We deeply research topics related to marketing – including product marketing, brand marketing, growth marketing, how to build, lead and develop a marketing team, how marketing interfaces with other functions including product, design, sales, communications, how to build and grow a marketing team, start a career in marketing and we will also touch on general management topics – not just theories, but rooted in personal experience and delivered as practical advice. And actionable takeaways.

Why are we doing this?

👉 A lot of marketing is garbage. Hundreds of millions (and many billions) spent without clear impact. CMOs have the shortest tenure of any executive. And in tech, marketing is often viewed as a second class function. But when done well, marketing is a significant contributor to business impact and growth. We will showcase who is doing marketing well and how they are doing it so we can collectively learn from them.

👉 There is a lack of understanding of how marketing actually works in tech. Most of the content online isn't nuanced or coming from an operator's perspective. It’s click bait headlines, TikTok clips or SEO-thirsty 600-800 word articles designed only for SEO. We share tacit knowledge and key concepts directly from our experience at Meta, Google, Square, Shopify, and startups.

👉 We have mentored hundreds of folks over the years on how to get into marketing in tech, how to build a career, and how to have impact. Our goal is to bring transparency and share our knowledge so others can benefit from what we have learned.

Why subscribe?

Ok, this is the part where we go slight cringe and ask for something. Demand offers you a unique perspective into how marketing actually works at technology companies and is aimed at helping you become a top 1% marketer. Join Demand if you want to learn about the inner workings of marketing functions such as product marketing, brand marketing and performance marketing at top tech companies, how to hire, retain and develop high performing marketing teams, how to build and grow an impactful career in marketing and much more.

Who are we?

It’s Naiomi and Erik

Demand is brought to you by Naiomi Eliason and Erik Eliason.

We have 30 years of marketing experience at tech companies such as Google, Meta, Square, Instacart, Shopify and Patreon, have worked in marketing in more traditional companies such as Target and General Mills and a number of smaller startups you’ve probably never heard of.

We’ve launched and grown hardware, software, and media products that have reached billions of customers, generated billions in revenue, and added billions in market cap. We’ve also been on the ground, both as founders, ideating and scaling 0 to 1 products spending countless months (and years) searching for product/market fit.

And through it all, we’ve hired and managed hundreds and managed and grown high performing teams.

We know how hard it is to land a high impact multiple channel marketing campaign. Or work with demanding talent. Or manage a global team in 4 time zones. In our careers, there has never been a shortage of challenges or problems to solve and we believe many of you are also facing or will face similar challenges. Our goal is to share our learnings as tactical advice that you can apply immediately.

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We are so excited that folks find our articles useful. Here’s what a few have said:

“My pleasure! Loved your article! ❤️”

“Thoughtful, well researched, and frameworked in a way that hints to me like a product marketer architected this 😉

“This is really good. I love the definitions by growth stage.”

“These articles are great. I’ve shared it with my team as I know it will be super helpful for them!”

“Always felt like we needed a Lenny’s Newsletter equivalent for the Product Marketing/GTM side of things :)”

“Love this! The section On how PMM scope differs by company stage was especially valuable, would consider it recommended reading for PMMs actively interviewing.”

“This content is GOLD! I’ve shared with my network and will be on the look out for the next article! 👍”

“I love it. Valuable for marketing audiences but also beyond. The function is still misunderstood.”

“I really liked your piece on product marketing. The depth of the writing and insights were fantastic. I’ve been a marketer for 15 years and rarely seen quality like this”

“Great insights on the evolution of GTM 🚀. Building and shipping is just one part of the equation. The GTM and the launch, and most importantly landing is critical. Great insights!”

“Love it! Have seen the first hand the benefits tiering brings into an organization, including alignment, transparency, expectations, and more 🚀

“Awesome newsletter and looking forward to more content!”

Where to start?

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